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Our Secretariat Team

It's a great pleasure to introduce our SCMUN 2024 Secretariat Team! 

Student Officer Team

Image by José Martín Ramírez Carrasco

GA1 (Disarmament and International Security Committee)

Chair: Madiana Pavlidi (Ekpaideutiki Anagennisi)
Co-Chair: Kathleen Morris (ACS)
Co-Chair: Nepheli Makridi (Athens College)

Holding Hands

GA3 (Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee)

Chair: Christine Maris (Campion)
Co-Chair: Natalia Dandoura (Pierce- ACG)
Co-Chair: Ileana Geroulanou (St Catherine's British School)

Holding Hands

HRC (Human Rights Council)

President: Mariza Michalaki (Athens College)
Deputy President: Stefania Gkania (Platon School)
Deputy President: Dimitris Fragkos (CGS)

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya


Chair: Patrick Yao (Campion School)
Co-Chair: Kristi Efstathiou (Ekpaideutiki Anagennisi)
Co-Chair: Dimitris Hargitt (CGS)

 Scales of Justice

GA4 (Special, Political and Decolonisation Committee)

Chair: Stergios Stivaktakis (DSA)
Co-Chair: Maria Artopoulou (Ekpaideutiki Anagennisi)
Co-Chair: Jo Anagnostopoulou (Ekpaideutiki Anagennisi)

City Center


President: Christina Charitaki (George Zois School)
Deputy President: Theodora Georgantzis (Ekpaideutiki Anagennisi)
Deputy President: Lydia Apostolopoulou (Ekpaideutiki Anagennisi) 

Security Equipment

Security Council

President: Marios Pasoglou (Pierce-ACG)
Deputy President: Irene Vogiatzoglou (CGS)

Deputy President: Austin Theodos (John Burroughs School)

Battle Scene

Youth Assembly

President: Olivia Manou Corvinus (St Catherine's British School)
Deputy President: Aloi Gkania (Platon School)
Deputy President: Giannis Goudis (DSA)
Deputy President: Yiannis Sakellariou (Campion School)

ICJ (International Court of Justice)

President: Evelina Stathi (DSA) 
Deputy President: Eva Maria Kechagiopoulou (CGS)
Deputy President: Frosyna Lovedou (Ekpaideutiki Anagennisi)

Image by Marek Studzinski

HSC (1967) 
(Historical Security Council)

President: Andreas Michas (Byron College)
Deputy President: Lefteris Revelas (Athens College)
Deputy President
Sofia Papadaki (Athens College)


(World Health Organisation)

President: Giannis Malavazos (Campion School)
Deputy President: Marianna Argeiti (Pierce- ACG)
Deputy President: Maritella Petsa (Athens College)

Image by Erik Mclean

Marvel Summit

President: Faye Fragaki (DSA)
Deputy President: Aspasia Gianniri (St Catherine's British School)
Deputy President: Ioli Kostika (Athens College)

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