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About St. Catherines

St. Catherine's was established in 1956 in the grounds of the British Embassy in Athens. Although originally intended to provide education for children from Britain and the Commonwealth, it now teaches 1310 pupils, aged 3 to 18 years, from 54 nationalities. St. Catherine's is a 'not for profit organisation'. It is, however, a private school and is registered at Companies House in the UK and as a charity with the UK Charities Commission.


St. Catherine's endeavours to foster a love of learning through a well taught, appropriately challenging, clearly defined, broad and balanced curriculum. Our aim is to fully develop pupils' intellectual, social, physical and creative potential, in anticipation that they will develop into sensitive, informed, decisive and capable global citizens of the future. Character building and interpersonal skills are developed through a range of relevant educational experiences and extra-curricular activities.


As a leading exponent of global citizenship, St. Catherine's pupils are encouraged to develop problem-solving skills, conflict resolution skills, negotiation strategies and an understanding of multicultural, multi-faith, and multi-racial concepts within the context of cultural pluralism. Pupils are expected to seek solutions to environmental and ecological problems and actively demonstrate responsibilities and sound practices for good global, European and national citizenship, as well as having clear expectations of the relevance and benefits of personal, social and health strategies.

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The school premises when the school was located at the British Embassy

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